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Moringa - The Miracle Tree

Come learn about how this amazing tree can transform your gut and help support your body in its healing process!  Abby is a long time consumer of this tree and it has helped her get rid of her food sensitivities and anemia; her doctor says her blood work is the best its been in 10 years! Abby's dog May also has taken Moringa for the past year in place of Glucosamine (which she can not tolerate) for her joints and has not needed another Ortho-Bionomy session since to fix her chronic hip pop issue she had when we got her.  Joanna's horses have been on Moringa for a few months now and she has been thrilled with the results!  This is a FREE class, taught by Schon Roll, Independent Distributor for Zija International.  You can meet Schon and hear briefly about the power of Moringa at the OH Health Fair (Nov 15th).