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Equine Body Balance™ Working with the Equine Spine (2-Day Class)

We will observe ways to address the spine by observing spinal curves and movement, with non-force, specific techniques and point work. We will also look at the range of motion available in the spine and discuss common areas of pain. ~ Susan Smith, Founder & Instructor  (Susan Smith teaches Equine Body Balance ™ courses, Liberty Foundation™ courses, and is an Associate Instructor and Advanced Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy, Practitioner Equine Positional Release (EPR) and Reflex Balancing. She brings her knowledge of these modalities to Equine Body Balance as a unique offering.)

Hosted by OHC Student Joanna DeRungs at her Natural Whisperings farm in Canby, Oregon. No Haul-ins. No Audits.  Class Limited to 12 participants.

Susan Smith’s classes are designed for horse owners and professionals, bodyworkers and equine enthusiasts who would like to learn how to do some effective bodywork on their horse. The courses will include building blocks of equine health and energetic relationship with the horse. The work relies on the horse’s innate ability to self-correct and can have profoundly sustainable results. Emphasis in class will be on developing feel and timing in contact. Neither class requires a pre-requisite.

Hands-on non-force work will include:

·        Assessment and palpation

·        Principles & safety

·        Developing feel

·        Techniques

·        Rechecking of points

COST: (Beverages and snacks provide. Lunch on your own)

Equine Body Balance (2 days): $350 Early Bird/ $400 after Early Bird dates

Equine Body Balance + Horses at Liberty Foundations (All 3 days): $500 Early Bird/ $575 after Early Bird dates.

  • Early Bird discounts up to May 10 for June workshops.  Full Payment due by May 21, 2016 for June Workshops

Workshops At: Natural WhisperingsTM Experiential Learning Center, Canby, Oregon.

For registration and payment via website:

Registration Via Phone: 503-266-3813        Via Fax: 503-266-9080          

Registration Via Email: