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Abundance and Healing: Partners for a Transformed Life with Leslie Fonteyne

Leslie Fonteyne is from Seattle and is returning to Portland by popular demand! 

Class Description: The desire for abundance leads to healing and clearing the blocks that get in our way. The journey is a transformative one. We sometimes don't know what to do when we hit the difficult energies, low self esteem, compromised health, and discouragement. The purpose of the desire is always to heal. As we uncover interferences, wounds, beliefs and agreements, we then choose to clear and release those blocks. This class helps uncover what is stopping you from stepping into all that you are, so that we can then clear it in a powerful meditative clearing at the end of the class. You won't be the same!

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Individual sessions available after the class. Contact Leslie Fonteyne at for more information.

Event takes place at Ortho Healing Center.