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Changing Our Destiny: Engineering a Shift that Transforms

Our destiny is not fixed! Every day, we make hundreds of mental, emotional and energetic decisions, conscious and unconscious, each of which can generate outcomes within our lives. Our vibrational "tone" determines what is showing up for us - whether it is predictable, negative, or positively transformational.

What if we don't like what's been showing up? How do we change it? How courageous do we have to be?

This class takes you on your personal journey of transformation. We will examine the energetic alignment and dissonance within our fields, what its components are, and decide if we're ready to heal and shift those aspects that block us from our fullest life expression. 

By getting our whole energy field to vibrate in unison, we can step into the most powerful time of our lives!  To complete the process (or open the door to your new beginning!), Leslie will lead an energetic clearing with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and healing teams. With those higher energies, we'll move the obstacles we're ready to release, heal core wounds, clear ancestral and past lifetime agreements, transmute karma, and shift our energy to bring in that higher destiny. Don't miss it!

Register through Leslie directly at: leslie@lesliefonteyne.com678.665.3366 or