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Private Sessions with Leslie Fonteyne (Times Vary)

Book a Private Session with Leslie Fonteyne, Life Transformation teacher/coach and Intuitive/Energetic healer.

Choose either a 60-min session ($110) or 90-min session ($150) at Ortho Healing Center. Times include 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2:30pm.

These sessions are personalized to go deeper into your experience. Whether you are struggling physically, emotionally, or financially; whether you are under attack energetically or have porous boundaries; or you are embarking on creating a new life and purpose for yourself, these sessions will have a profound impact.

By clearing the layers of our field, we transform every area of our lives, including our health, finances, relationships and wellbeing!  With the powerful Ascended Masters, healing teams, light beings and esoteric rays, these sessions provide channeled guidance and healing. I also work to evolve your agreements to a higher vibration, heal your core wounds, inner child and ancestral line; and clear out the past lifetime energies or field blockages that surface. 
Are you ready to let go of heavy, lower vibrational energies, blocks and agreements that no longer serve you? When you do this, you change what you attract into your life. 

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