The Ortho Healing Student Clinic supports students as they further their education in Ortho-Bionomy® (OB). We also provide a low-cost option for clients wanting to experience the holistic health care option of OB.

Support includes:

  • Space for students to fulfill their 150-practice hour requirement
  • Customized internship opportunities to learn how to establish OB businesses
  • Client-made donations (minimum $20/session) that is paid into an account designated for that student's education at OH (Students cannot legally receive direct compensation for their work.)

Ortho Healing, LLC Student Agreement

An Ortho-Bionomy Center & Student Clinic

Date: ________________

Student Name: ____________________________ ___________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________ Email: __________________________________________________

Requested Schedule (days of the week and time range): ________________________________________

Are you willing to see Dogs? ________ Horses? _________

OH Representative: Abby Beauchamp

17326 SE Oatfield Rd, Milwaukie, OR 97267
(503) 855-9142 (text)
(503) 703-5121 (office)

The Mission of the Ortho Healing Student Clinic
The Ortho Healing Student Clinic exists to provide a place for students of Ortho-Bionomy® to perform their required practice hours, and to provide an opportunity for students to be eligible to receive scholarship dollars to go towards their Ortho-Bionomy® education. To provide an option for clients of all economic levels to have access to Ortho-Bionomy®.

The Vision of the Ortho Healing Student Clinic
A place where students grow and support each other by sharing knowledge, skills and their love of Ortho-Bionomy®, for all to develop their own unique Ortho-Bionomy® businesses. The more we help each other, the more we all grow and have better function. The more Ortho-Bionomy® students: the more people we are able to help support living lives of comfort and function.

The purpose of this agreement is to establish an agreement between a student (listed above) and Ortho Healing, LLC (OH).

OH agrees to:

1. Provide access to office space and the online scheduler for the purpose of practicing Ortho-Bionomy® skills learned in classes. The clinic schedule is determined based on the requested schedule listed above and availability. A change of schedule request can be sent via text or email at any time. No guarantees are to be implied. OH will consider all requests and weigh out all factors to keep the clinic as full of students with varied skills sets as possible for the maximum benefit of the clients.

2. Set up an “Individual Education Scholarship Account” based on donations received at the Ortho Healing Student Clinic in the student’s name to go towards the student’s Ortho-Bionomy® education. These funds are property of Ortho Healing, LLC and the not the property of the students.

3. Pay for Ortho-Bionomy® classes taught by the Society of Ortho-Bionomy® International (SOBI) Certified Instructors or other requirements of becoming a Practitioner, like sessions, consults, etc.; when requested by the student in writing based on the balance in the student’s Individual Education Scholarship Account. 

4. To maintain accounting records of all account transactions for the student to view, by request.

5. To provide a Student Member discounted price for Practitioner Sessions and 10% off all products sold through the OH. All sessions with the Practitioner count towards your SOBI Practitioner requirements.

6. To provide a private professional phone number and direct line for the student to use through the Grasshopper Phone service. Students can choose to publicly share their cell phone or emails through their voicemail options at their own discretion.

7. To provide an OH Rewards Program at no cost to the student. Clients will be encouraged to receive sessions with either a Practitioner or Student, in exchange for receiving a point on their Rewards Card. Clients receive a point for either a 30- or 60-minute session. Clients receive a bonus point for being a new client to the clinic. After 10 points a client can receive a free session at the clinic with either a Student or Practitioner of their choice. This is an advertising expense that OH takes on that has shown to be good for the clinic, students and clients.

8. To promote the growth of Ortho-Bionomy® as a viable modality in the State of Oregon and to grow the client base for all of the OH Clinic; always considering what is best for the client’s health, schedule and finances, and educating clients on all options available at the clinic. All clients are supported by the whole of the clinic and are not “owned” by any member of the clinic, regardless of who introduces them to the center.

9. To provide a Referral Table for promotional materials for other Ortho-Bionomist in the community, as well as other complimentary businesses the members of OH have found and would like to offer a space to promote. 

10. To provide a Student Clinic Business Card with Rewards Program that will be available at the Check-out Desk and for students to hand-out outside of the clinic. OH recognizes every student is working towards having their own unique business outside of the Student Clinic someday. Students can make personal cards with their own business names and/or other work that they do to be placed on the Referral Table, if desired, at their own expense.

11. To provide other promotional material that is inclusive of the Student Clinic and available at the Check-out Desk and for demonstration events. If students want to create any additional material with their own business names and or other work they offer, these materials are welcome on the Referral Table.

12. To provide community level support. OH does not replace the relationship requirement of the “Advisor” as explained by SOBI. Until Abby enters into the Instructor Training program (anticipated in 2017) observations of sessions with her are no longer allowed. Observations are a part of the Consultation options available through your SOBI certified Advisor.

13. To post both in the office and in advertising, that Students cannot receive direct compensation for their practice hours. Donations for their work can be made to OH on their behalf. Suggested donations for a Beginner Student: $20-40; Advanced Student: $40-60. A student will be recognized as “Advanced” once they have completed the equivalent to the Associate level of requirements as set out by SOBI. These amounts are being set this way to encourage a donation to the Student Fund for every session and for clients to recognize the value of the education as it grows.

Student agrees to:

1. Be in the pursuit of a Practitioner or Associate License through the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International® (SOBI), or be a student enrolled at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Somatic Re-Education, at their own expense. Students do not have to commit to opening a future Ortho-Bionomy business®

2. Become a member of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International® (SOBI), at their own cost and provide proof to OH annually.

3. Obtain their own student insurance through the Associated Bodyworkers & Massage Professional (ABMP), naming Ortho Healing, LLC as an additional insured on the liability policy, at their own expense, and provide proof to OH annually.

4. Have all clients sign a waiver acknowledging they are working with a student and will hold Ortho Healing, LLC or Abby Beauchamp, harmless for liability or malpractice.

5. Pay $15/hr for use of treatment rooms, referred to as the “overhead fee”. (Rooms may be booked in 30 minute increments for $7.50). This overhead fee is generally paid for by the client as a suggested donation to the clinic. If the student wants to use the room for a trade with another student or practitioner, then it will be the student’s responsibility to cover the overhead fee. Students may use funds in their Individual Education Scholarship Account to pay for the Overhead Fee or Sessions with a Practitioner, as both help support their overall Ortho-Bionomy® education.

6. Students can work with others outside of the clinic at their own discretion without the overhead cost; however Oregon Law is very clear that NO compensation is allowed to be received until a student is recognized as completing their Practitioner’s license through SOBI, or holds another license in the state that allows for touch of people. Any violation of this law puts all students and Ortho-Bionomists who do not hold LMTs or NDs at risk of losing our ability to work in the state of Oregon legally.

7. Pay $15/hr for sessions booked outside of the clinic where a donation is received and wants to be managed through OH. In this situation, the student needs to enter the appointment and money received through the ClinicSense website for proper accounting purposes.

8. Enter all payments received into the ClinicSense program for accounting purposes and all cash payments into their assigned envelope in the cash box. Credit Cards payments are to be processed through the iPad on Square. For those who want to receive credit card payments outside of the clinic a Square Account connected to the clinic will need to be installed on your phone or tablet.

9. To support on-going efforts of bringing new clients in to the clinic; always considering what is best for the client’s health, schedule and finances, and educating clients on all options available at the clinic. All clients are supported by the whole of the clinic and are not “owned” by any member of the clinic, regardless of who introduces them to the center. Support can include, but not limited to: sharing events with friends and family in person, email and/or social media. By scheduling Ortho-Bionomy demonstration events, or inviting others to attend those scheduled by others in the community.

10. To invite clients to events and classes hosted by OH or student’s at OH.

11. Provide a session, upon request, (Abby pays the Overhead Fee, plus donation) to Abby Beauchamp to maintain awareness of level of work being performed so she can refer clients to you.

12. To maintain the work space as you find it. Please always leave a room ready for the next person to be able to work. If you or your client used dishes, please wash and put away. A cleaning person will come by once a week to vacuum, dust and clean bathrooms. If you see something that is untidy before cleaning day, please take care of it so we all can work in a professional and tidy space. 

13. Maintain the high ethics of OH & SOBI at all times. Any violations of the Code of Ethics (which are posted in the OH lobby and found in the SOBI Practitioner Handbook) may result in a termination of this agreement and any remaining money in a Student’s Individual Education Scholarship Account will be absorbed by OH.

14. To provide OH with a short bio and picture for the website including what brought them to Ortho-Bionomy®, what classes they have taken, and if they have a preference in style of working (i.e. more physical or more energetic). It is up to the student to send updates as appropriate. See for examples of other students.

Termination of Agreement

1. Either party may decide, at any point, to terminate this agreement by providing written notice to the other party.

2. Any remaining funds in a Student Individual Sponsorship Fund will be absorbed by OH as it is property of OH and not the student. No money will be passed to the student.

3. All clients that have been brought in by the student to the OH clinic will remain in the OH database for contact unless the client requests to be removed. Clients may choose to follow a student to their new location as a Practitioner or stay at the clinic and see other students. 

4. This agreement naturally terminates upon achievement of a level where the student is able to legally charge. If any funds remain in the Individual Sponsorship Fund, monies may be used toward continuing education classes for Ortho-Bionomy® for up to one year past graduation.

5. This agreement may be updated from time to time by OH as needed. Each update will be the written notice of cancellation of previous agreements. Each Student will be invited to sign an updated agreement at that time, or to choose to allow the ending of the agreement by not signing a new agreement.

The Ortho Healing Student Clinic exists to provide a place for students of Ortho-Bionomy (OB) to perform their required practice hours, and to provide an opportunity for students to be eligible to receive scholarship dollars to go towards their OB education. To provide an option for clients of all economic levels to have access to OB.