Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my Ortho-Bionomy® (OB) session take place? 
Your session can be in my office (17326 SE Oatfield Rd., Portland, OR 97267 or Enterprise, Oregon), your home/barn, or over the phone..

What should I wear? 
We recommend comfortable clothes, as you may be asked to stand, sit, lay down or walk slowly to integrate the work in your body.
What parts of my body will be worked with?
OB sessions work holistically "with" the body, instead of "on" the body. For example, you may come in for a sore neck, and a practitioner may need to work with your feet to help support your neck's return to comfort and function. 

What does a session feel like?
OB is a gentle bodywork designed to support the body's desire to work in comfort and function. Through gentle movements, OB feels for patterns of comfort and exaggerates the comfort to build the neuropathway for long-term memory recall. At times it may feel like a practitioner's hands are not moving anything, or that your body is not being touched. Your body may be put into an awkward position to create the comfort, while avoiding pain. Or while the position is comforting, the body may choose to release via changes in temperature, electrical "feelings," shivers, laughter, tears or simple awareness of other parts of the body.
Can I bring my Dog for a session?
Yes, if you're working with Abby Beauchamp! Just be sure to let her know ahead as she often has her canine business partner, LD working with her and will usually have him go to a different room if a dog client is coming in. 

Human and canine nervous systems are very connected via pyscho-social awareness. A conversation, of sorts, happens outside of our conscious minds. It's the same conversation that occurs when birds know how to turn at the same time in the sky – no words are needed. And it's how your dog knows you need an extra cuddle on the days you don't feel well. When a session is booked with (or for an animal), Abby may work back and forth between you and the animal for maximum benefit. Dogs always have to ability to freely move about in the Ortho Healing office. Abby's therapy dog, LD (Little Dog), is also available during most sessions to help with your nervous system.

What about horses?
Horses must be seen at your home or at barn appointments. When working with a horse, Abby prefers that the horse be at liberty. However, she is willing to work with it if being tied is the best option for the location or the horse.

Abby works physically with the body, or energetically, to access depth. She may also work with the owner as well in a standing, or if appropriate, mounted position. Our nervous systems are very connected to our animals through pyscho-social awareness. It's similar to the connection between humans and canines, as well as birds knowing how to soar as a flock in the sky – no words are needed. As prey animals, horses are extremely sensitive to our nervous systems and are masters at reading them. If you have more than one horse, it is sometimes helpful for me to check-in with the entire herd. Once one horse starts to receive a session the others will often line up (if at liberty) to be the next to receive.

What kind of issues does OB help with? 
OB works holistically with the body to support patterns of comfort and function. It works with muscles, bones, connective tissue, organs, fluids and energetic patterns, and how they relate or communicating with each other. Clients come in with a wide variety of issues from back and neck pain, pre- and post-surgery support, sore/strained muscles, recovery from car/work accidents, swelling/fluid issues, pre- and post-child birth, fertility support, endocrine/autoimmune support, stress relief, ear/jaw pain, cancer recovery, arthritis and bursitis and more!

Are there any medical conditions that would make OB inadvisable? 
No, OB works with the body's ability to self-correct. It is built on a belief that the body wants to work in comfort and function. 

Are you insured?
Each practitioner is responsible for their own insurance to cover their OB work. Insurance is through the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. A copy of the insurance is available upon request.