My dream it to empower ALL to live their best life of comfort and function. As the founder of the Ortho Healing Center it has been my privilege to severe the local and international community is a wide variety of ever expanding ways. We started with Ortho-Bionomy® treatments and now offer Reverse Button™ Holistic Intuitive Healing Facilitation, SEACRET Dead Sea Mineral & Alkaline products, Business Mentorship, classes & retreats for you to live YOUR BEST COMFORT AND FUNCTION! 
~With much love, Abby Beauchamp, Intuitive Healing Practitioner

As a former Montessori School Administrator, Abby learned the value of scientific observation, and to honor and be in awe of the intelligence of human development. Her journey to Ortho-Bionomy® began in 2010. She worked with horses through experiential groundwork workshops offered at Natural Whisperings™ in Canby, Oregon.

In 2012, Abby attended her first OB class taught by Zarna Carter of Australia; where she got the vision to someday travel and teach throughout the world! Forever a student, deepened her understanding of the principles of OB in the Practitioner Training Program through the Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy Center.

In 2013, Abby became a pioneer for OB in Oregon. She worked with the state to change the laws recognizing OB as a safe, unique bodywork practice under the oversight of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International®. Today, Oregon laws have allowed hundreds of Oregonians to find relief from pain, inflammation, stress, surgery and more.

In 2014, Abby received a diploma from the Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy Center and a Practitioner's Certificate from the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International®. That November, Abby expanded OH to Ortho-Bionomy Center & Student Clinic. Education services expanded to included classes for all aspects of health from physical, to financial, to unique products and more.

In 2017, Abby added a full line of Seacret products made with minerals from the Dead Sea - revered for its therapeutic properties! Seacret’s collection of skincare, hair care, nutritionals and spa products can be purchased at OH or

In 2018, Abby has expanded the Wellness Center to include business mentorship, Intuitive Healing Facilitation and a satellite office in Enterprise, Oregon (NE Oregon).  She has sharpened her skills to be more efficient and effective than ever, reducing the general time needed from a 60 minute to a 30 minute session as standard. The larger vision of empowering all in living their best comfort and function has expanded! 

In 2019, the Reverse Button™: Learn What The Doctor’s Aren’t Telling You, Avoid Back Surgery, Get Back To Fully Living Your Life was published and received best seller status on Amazon (print and audible books will be available towards the end of 2019)! Out of the creation of this book, a new Reverse Button™ program was created to serve as a holistic approach to expedite my clients return to fully living their lives in comfort and function again!


I started my own business with Ortho-Bionomy® because I was helped with it. I had issues with my leg. Pain, and numbness nothing was helping. I tried chiropractor and physical therapy and massage. Nothing was helping. This went on for years, until I found Ortho-Bionomy®! It didn't happen over night but took a couple of visits to feel that my leg was getting better. I went for about 2 months without missing an appointment, twice a week. My leg has gotten so much better, its almost like the pain or numbness was never there. Such a relief. I still go monthly to make sure all is still good and keep my body in balance. It also helped with my sciatic nerve problem. Ortho-Bionomy® saved me ~Lilly Osheim, Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy®

Lilly started at the Ortho Healing Center several years ago as a student in the Student Clinic. She received her Practitioner Certificate from the Society of Ortho-Bionomy® International February of 2018. She defines Ortho-Bionomy® as using gentle positioning and light touch. Ortho-Bionomy® stimulates inner awareness to awaken within the individual a sense of natural balance and well-being, both physically and emotionally. The inner wisdom of the body is recognized and affirmed. Self healing occurs as the person remembers their natural ability to move away from pain and toward ease. It is very effective for recovering from injuries, surgery and stress. It aids the recovery by reducing muscle tension, soothing the joints, increasing flexibility and range of movement, improving circulation and relaxing the entire body. Simply put, the ortho-bionomy practitioner uses gentle movements and positions of the body to facilitate the change of stress and pain patterns that the client is holding. One important aspect of Ortho-Bionomy® is the comfort of the client: no forceful manipulations are used, rather freedom from limited movement and pain is achieved gently and respectfully. 

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